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Scooter FAQ


Any purchase or renting of said watercraft is at their own risk.

Here are answers to some basic questions you may have regarding the submersible scooters. If you have others please email

  1. The unit can be used for approx. 8 hours with a fully charged battery
  2. The scooter’s body is guaranteed for 1 year, the electrical assembly and air bag for 6 months.
  3. All units come with the following spare parts:
    1. Regulation valve
    2. switch
    3. charger
    4. Battery
    5. Floating ball
    6. Air flow meter
  4. Emergency air tanks (as shown) is required but sold separately.
  5. Siren is included
  6. Buoyancy airbag is included
  7. The propeller is NOT exposed
  8. The manufacturer has been in business for 10 years
  9. Dimensions: 39.37’L-24.8 w- 57.09 h
  10. Net weight: 209 lbs (95.4kg)
  11. Diving Depth- 19.5ft-39.37 ft (6-12mtr)
  12. Speed: 2 km hour
  13. Turning radius: 2mtr
  14. Motor running time:60-80 minutes
  15. Continuous air supply: 60-80 minutes
  16. Weight Capacity: 66lbs-352 lbs
  17. Diving Distance: 1.55 miles (2.5 km)
  18. Motor: 750 W direct current motor
  19. Battery:12V50AH sealed and environmentally friendly
  20. Battery charging time: 4-6 hours
  21. Battery weight is 41 lbs(18.6 kg)
  22. Scooters do NOT come with an air tank. We can source for you
  23. These units have European CE certification.